Email & Social Media Resources


Everything you need to promote ACS CAN through your personal fundraisers

Social Media Graphics

Download the below graphic to post on your personal social media site. Once you save the image you can upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Help me reach my goal

Help Me Reach My Goal

Example post, “Do you want to help end suffering and death from cancer? Help me reach my fundraising goal and support the amazing work ACS CAN is doing to fight cancer and support cancer patients and their families."

Support my fundraiser

Support My Fundraiser

Example post, “Support my ACS CAN fundraiser and show the world how proud you are of the cancer advocacy work that ACS CAN is doing."

Thank you for donation

Thank You For Your Donation

Example post, “Thank you for your donation! Your support means that ACS CAN volunteers and staff will be able to encourage lawmakers to fund cancer research and pass laws that help cancer patients, survivors and their families."

What $50 can do

What $50 Can Do

Example post, "We need to remind our elected officials about the importance of supporting cancer related legislation, your $50 donation will do just that, it will allow ACS CAN members to email elected officials and keep cancer related legislation top of mind!"


Email Templates

Below are email templates and example emails to help get you started!

Email Best Practices Email Best Practices
Event Fundraising Ask Email Template Event Fundraising Ask
General ACS CAN Donation Ask Email Template General ACS CAN Donation Ask
Non Event Fundraising Ask Email Template Non-Event Fundraising Ask
Thank you email template Thank you Email